Board Members

Alicia Z

Alicia specializes in machine learning, and is an expert in multiple programming languages, including Python, R, MATLAB, C++, Java, and SQL. She gained a Master of Finance degree from Princeton University and a Honor B. S. degree in Applied Math and Computer Science from University of Toronto.

​She is currently an analyst at an asset management company in New York City.

Kevin Cong Chen

Kevin specializes in machine learning and data analytics, and is a veteran on Python, Java, C++, R, MATLAB and Elasticsearch. He has loved math since he was very young, and won numerous Math contests including a perfect score on the AMC 8 and qualifying for the USA(J)MO. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a triple major in Applied Math, CS and Stats.


He is currently a software engineer at Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

Jason Z

Jason specializes in computer vision and human-robot interaction. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a B. S. in Computer Science. As an undergraduate student, Jason helped to develop an upper-division computational probability course for Berkeley's new Data Science Major. He also served as the Head TA for this course multiple times.

He is currently a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University.

Amy L. Jia

Amy is a junior at Harvard University studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology. A prospective pre-medical student who is eager to contribute to the latest advancements in disease therapeutics, she works as a research assistant at the Brigham Women’s Hospital in Boston, where her work focuses on innovative applications of the CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing system to treating complex genetic diseases.

In her spare time, Amy enjoys writing: she has written two novels, Shards and The Legend of Bamarre, and is a senior beat reporter for The Harvard Crimson.

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