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Board Members

Amy L. Jia

Amy recently graduated from Harvard University with a major in Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology and a minor in Psychology. Originally from Plano, Texas, she attended The Hockaday School — an all-girls private school in Dallas — where she was a varsity member of the debate and rowing teams. During her time at Harvard, Amy conducted biomedical research at the nearby Brigham and Women's Hospital; tutored students in academic essay writing at the Harvard Writing Center; wrote for The Harvard Crimson, Harvard's student newspaper; and served as a teaching fellow for two undergraduate Physics courses. This summer, Amy will begin work as a Strategy Analyst for ClearView Healthcare Partners, a life sciences consulting firm based in Newton, Massachusetts. She aspires to work in a healthcare-adjacent field, where she can contribute to the latest therapeutic advancements and engage in critical conversations about healthcare reform.


In her spare time, Amy enjoys traveling to national parks across the United States, writing — she has written two novels so far — and photography. She is currently training for her first marathon, which she hopes to run before her next birthday!


Kevin Cong Chen

Kevin specializes in machine learning and data analytics, and is a veteran on Python, Java, C++, R, MATLAB and Elasticsearch. He has loved math since he was very young, and won numerous Math contests including a perfect score on the AMC 8 and qualifying for the USA(J)MO. He graduated from UC Berkeley with a triple major in Applied Math, CS and Stats.


He is currently a software engineer at Lawrence Livermore National Lab.


Alicia Z

Alicia specializes in machine learning, and is an expert in multiple programming languages, including Python, R, MATLAB, C++, Java, and SQL. She gained a Master of Finance degree from Princeton University and a Honor B. S. degree in Applied Math and Computer Science from University of Toronto.

​She is currently an analyst at an asset management company in New York City.


Ms. Mae

Ms. Mae started her career by teaching Computer Science in a college in Hangzhou, China. In 1999, she went to Carleton University in Ottawa ON as a visiting professor. She came to the SF bay area in 2001, continued her love of computer technology as an engineer, a trainer, and later on, a product manager. Just like many stem parents, she advocates for early computer education in the next generation.


In 2016 she resumed teaching CS and Math full time. She specializes in tailoring courses for various learning goals to motivate students and has seen the success of her students in competitions, summer camps, and AP tests.

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