Welcome to Legion of Learners!

Kids are naturally curious and eager to learn in proper settings. Our mission is to empower kids to lead their own learning journeys by building a peer community to share the joy of computer programming and other exploration.

Founded as a student-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2019, LoL offers to fifth to twelfth graders not only free, high-quality classes, but also the opportunity to grow up as a community leader. 


LoL mentors typically are high-schoolers who have succeeded at the national and international coding competitions such as the United States of America Computing Olympiad (USACO) and American Computer Science League (ACSL). As such, we aim to prepare LoL members for similar success in future competitions, as well as other pursuits such as AP Computer Science.

There is nothing more exciting than seeing our members grow up to be mentors! Members who have done well in our courses are invited to become TA (Teaching Assistant). TAs start by helping other peers with coding questions and projects. As they mature in both teaching and coding, they will have the opportunity to lead a full course and even be elected as executives. Furthermore, we welcome teens who have thrived in any academic area to join us in volunteering, together we can serve the learning community better by exploring many other fields such as debating. All service hours can be certified towards the Presidential Service Award.

This program runs entirely on parent donations! If you would like to help improving our courses, please consider donating! Just Zelle or PayPal to LegionOfLearners@gmail.com!  Donations can be applied to our membership program, which allows students to gain help after class in a coding community! Our tax-Id is 84-1998553 and we highly appreciate your support! 

Latest updates

August 27 2022: Our 2022 school year classes will begin on September 6, 2022! Registration is currently open!


August 6, 2022: Our 2022 summer free online classes end today. Thank you everyone for this amazing summer! We hope that all of you will continue lessons with us in the future.

September 6, 2021: Classes for the 2020-2021 school year start this week!

August 15, 2021: Our 2021 summer classes have finished; thank you everyone for an amazing summer filled with learning! Registration for our 2021-2022 school year classes also starts today! Check out our updated courses page for new information regarding the upcoming classes.

June 7, 2021: Registration for our 2021 summer classes has ended, and confirmation emails should have been sent out to everyone already. For those of you who have signed up, we are looking forward to seeing you in the first class this Sunday, June 13th!

June 1, 2021: We are excited to announce the first session of our new Introduction to Debate course this summer! Registration is now open, sign up for the class while you can!

May 15, 2021: Registration is now open for our 2021 summer courses! Find details about courses and what times they run on our programs page, and sign up on our register page.

May 9, 2021: We are excited to announce that our summer courses will soon be opening for registration! Keep an eye out for updates, and we will send one as soon as registration is available.

November 6, 2020: Please remember that registration for the ACSL local contests will be closing soon. If you are enrolled in the ACSL Prep course and plan on competing, please do not forget to send in the $50 fee by next Saturday, November 14. 

September 9, 2020: Hi everybody! Just a quick reminder that our fall classes will be starting this weekend! Check your emails for Zoom meeting codes if you signed up. Head over to Programs for more info. 

July 1, 2020: Happy Canada Day to all of our students up north, and happy early Fourth of July as well! Please remember that there will be no summer classes this week on July 1 and July 4. We are also excited to announce that we are accepting applications from students entering 9th grade and above to become an instructor with Legion of Learners! We offer an exciting working environment with other high school instructors, and are a Presidential Volunteer Service Award certifying organization. This means that all hours spent teaching with us are eligible to count towards your PVSA! If you are interested, please email legionoflearners@gmail.com with details on what you are able to teach.

June 7, 2020: Welcome to our new website! We have revamped the appearance of the site, as well as our logo, considerably, but the resources for past classes are still in the same place, underneath the Classrooms tab. Our summer classes are due to start next weekend, on June 13. Confirmation emails should have been sent out to all those who have filled out the registration form - if you filled out the form and did not receive a confirmation, please email legionoflearners@gmail.com