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Looking for a fresh and exciting way to learn programming? Join "Scratch Creativity Match", "Java Coding Jam", or "Python Hacking Party" for a unique learning experience that rewards creativity and hands-on projects. Or, present your video "Clips of Code" to the world?

See details in the registration form.

Instructors: Legion of Learners high school volunteers
Date: 6/6/2023 - 8/11/2023. Holiday break: 7/1/2023 - 7/7/2023 (with exceptions, see class dates below)

Class Meetings: 1.5-hour Zoom meetings, twice per week

Time: All times Pacific. See below.

Private or Small-group Tutoring

Date and time are flexible. We work around students' schedules!

Modeling the Future Challenge

ACSL contest prep


Python programming

Java programming


Personalized learning experience tailored to students' academic goals.

All classes are through Zoom meetings.

Email to set up a free consultation

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