Fall 2021 registration is open with
new VIP Membership!

"What if a student is stuck or has trouble with homework?"
"Join the VIP club!"

VIP Gold - members can schedule 20 minutes weekly one-on-one sessions, in addition to the VIP silver benefit below.
Membership donation: $299/year.

VIP Silver - members can attend weekly office hours to complete homework, receive instant help and feedback! 
Membership donation: $199/year.

Just Zelle or PayPal membership dues to legionoflearners@gmail.com, then include your payment confirmation ID in the signup form
If you donated in the last 12 months, simply deduct the donation amount from membership dues, no questions asked! 
Email us at legionoflearners@gmail.com if you have questions

Classes start the week of September 6th and run until the weekend of March 27th
White Branch